It's a grubby day out there

The good news, I've used packing tape to mend the broken flagpole. Let's see how long that lasts... there are lots of red-tagged products in the shop now. so it's worth popping down to see me. these aren't shown online as it would take me all year to add the prices to everything. so if you're shopping online, and what you want isn't discounted, drop me a message, and I'll do you a deal.

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twenty customers can take advantage of the BOGOF offer on Band Merchandise. simple enter the coupon code BOGOF at the checkout and the cheapest product will be free. :)

So as usual, no new years resolutions for me. Except to be the same generous beautifully bearded angry leftie as I have managed to be for the last 20 odd years. :D if you fancy getting a deal outta m